Professional Fees


For individual sessions, the rate is $160/- per hour. 

Skype or phone sessions ($160/- per hr) may be available for those without easy access to in-person sessions; suitability will be mutually determined; my preference is to establish a working relationship with someone through a number of in-person sessions first.

Payment may be made by cash, personal cheque, or e-Interac transfer. Some Extended Health Care Plans may cover services provided by Registered Clinical Counselors. It is up to the client to seek reimbursement for fees.

Cancellations with less than 24 hours notice, except in cases of medical emergencies, will be billed to you for the hourly rate. Your appointment is time and space reserved for you.

All therapy rates apply to a 60-minute hour, and include taxes. I'm offering prospective clients a free 15-minute phone consultation to determine mutual fit.


For training, consultation and workshops, the rate is $250/- per hour. There is a minimum 2-hr charge for clinical consultations or 4-hour charge for group events. Please contact me for specialized workshops or seminars. Cancellations after the contract is signed and the material is developed will result in the full quoted-fee being charged. Rescheduling is possible if given enough notice and scheduling permits it.  

For clinical supervision, the rate is $180/- per hour for group of 4-6, $140-160/- per hour for individuals.