April 2, 2020  My recent thoughts posted on my Facebook page

--  As we socially distance ourselves from others, perhaps we can grab this opportunity to do the opposite with our inner other - get to know more of our inner lives, visit with our hidden selves, travel that inner landscape. A pilgrimage of/to the soul, perhaps? Dreams offer pathways to that terrain. 


-- Some say that the coronavirus may lead to a new ways of economic thinking. I say that it should also lead to new ways of moral and spiritual thinking. We need to examine how we are to live on this planet - what we need to live, what is enough, what resources we can use and what we must preserve and protect, who matters most to us, and how we can be stewards for this precious, abundant, miraculous planet that supports such diverse life and provides for that life abundantly, within its own limits and laws. What limits have we, the human species, exceeded? How can this crisis, which is certainly not the last of its kind, bring out the best rather than the worst in us? What is the lesson that our Mother is trying to teach us?  

And then an article landed on my virtual lap that thoughtfully articulates and expands on them. Check this out: Spirit of Corona: A Modern Myth for These Times by Dr. Liliana Kleiner

April 5, 2020 

In a personal communication from James Hollis: "All you can do is have patience, the thing we hate most, keep your spirits up, and keep growing. Remember, for every outer diminishment, which is the inevitable, progressive lot of our species, there has to be an inner enlargement." (personal communication from James Hollis)